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December 3, 2016
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5 ways to prevent weight gain over Xmas by Ashley

5 Ways to Prevent Weight Gain Over Christmas
The Christmas Holidays are always an indulgent time of year, and, why the hell not?! Even I enjoy a Mince Pie or 6 on occasion.
The difficulty with festivities is always a few extra lbs creeping on the scales, which may make your fitness journey into the New Year a little more challenging.
Lets be honest; Nobody wants to be worrying about dieting this time of year, however, if you want to take a little more care towards your weight loss/maintenance, then using these easy steps can make a huge difference and help you keep off those unwanted lbs or at the very least, minimise weight gain.
1 – Go Low Calorie Where Possible
Where there’s going to be lots of food at Christmas, there’s probably going to be a lot of Calories, too. Opt for leaner meat cuts i.e Turkey Breast instead of Leg, Lots of Veg, swap full fat milk for skimmed, Full Sugar Fizzy Pop for Diet Pop.
2 – Walk More 
NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) otherwise known as non-training activity can be really helpful for burning additional calories – Take a walk on lunch times at work, take the dog out and generally move more to increase calorie expenditure.  Set a daily step target using a Fit Bit or Smart Phone App and aim to hit it every day.
3 – Like a Drink?  Me too Compadre!
I like a drinky-poo, especially ale, but I know there’s a lot of calories in Beer, so a simple switch to spirits with a diet mixer always saves a few calories when I know I’m having an excessive week on granddads ye olde cough medicine.  Gin and Slim Line Tonic is a popular choice.
4 – Don’t Eat as Much
So, If I’m on my way to a party or meal, where I know I’m going to be slightly excessive, I would usually go easier on my calorie intake earlier in the day, I won’t eat breakfast or have a lighter lunch so it will make some room for those additional calories.
5 – You Don’t Have to Eat Everything
We’re all guilty of this; Eating when you’re not actually hungry and we know how it is when the tin of Celebrations gets dumped on the table.  You can always stop when you’re full, just because there’s more than enough going around, doesn’t mean you have to eat it all.  A main reason you put weight on over the holidays is that you’re eating for the sake of it.
Have a good one,