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January 9, 2019
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Evo Didsbury’s top 5 tips for getting fit at home

Evo Didsbury’s Top five tips to get fit at home


At Evo Didsbury we understand our clients live super busy lives and you can’t always make it to the gym, before we start our list we must point out that we do offer in-home training and online coaching to get you fit from home (see our 30 day online trial tab) which is the best way but here are some top alternatives.


  1. Keep it simple, when doing training from home we think its best to use bodyweight training or minimal equipment like some dumbbells, keep the movements basic and put an emphasis on the temp of the movement.
  2. Follow a program, as with all of our group personal training programs we don’t just make it up as we go along, we start with the end in mind. Write down what plan to do before you start the workout (or look for one of our home workouts on Youtube).
  3. Train with somebody, train with a friend, exercise in a couple, get fit with your flatmate, whoever you can find get them involved. The key to a great session can often be the atmosphere, sessions are more fun in groups.
  4. Get outside, the benefits of a workout are just as much mental as physical and even more so if you’re out in the fresh air, if you don’t usually train away from the gym then why not have a change and go for a run or a bike ride.
  5. Have a coach, Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t have a coach, at Evo we offer in person coaching as well as online coaching. Some of our packages even offer a hybrid of both for extra flexibility.


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