Liz Cornes
January 30, 2017
How to get toned and feel stronger!
February 9, 2017

The Truth about Fat

The Truth about Fat

Does eating fat make you fat?

Dietary fat often gets a bad rep, mainly because of its namesake: body fat.

But what if the fat stored on our bodies had a different name, like adipose tissue, would we then be more inclined to eat dietary fat?


Especially not saturated fat, that’s a big one. Having fat in our diet is essential, just as essential as protein, carbs or water and you wouldn’t go a day without having those.

There’s a cascade of benefits and roles it plays in our bodies, from things like; hair, skin, nail and eye tissue regeneration; bone integrity and health; improving mood stability and loads of other things. Oh, and get this… it can actually help you lose adipose tissue (body fat)…

Mind blown, right?

I won’t bore you with the details but basically eating more good fats from things like fish, animal meats, coconut oil and various other sources can help your body use stored fat for energy.


All fat is essential, but as with anything, having too much of one type can be detrimental. Stay away from ready meals, and if you can, home cook most things, that way you know what’s going in. Try using butter or coconut oil instead of vegetable oils; little switches like this will help balance out the ratio of fats.


So, even though it’s very beneficial and definitely essential, you still can’t devour a pot of coconut oil instead of eating ice cream because it’s  ‘healthier’. Calories are still calories; if you’re eating too many, you’ll gain weight!​

By Mason Tustin