Jay Doyle
March 20, 2018
Evo Didsbury’s top 5 tips for getting fit at home
April 16, 2020

Hannah Teece

I joined Evo camp at the end of 2017 after a long period of not doing any regular exercise so was overweight and generally unfit. I was made to feel immediately welcome and encouraged by the coaches and other members and never once felt self-conscious in the sessions. Although sessions are tough, I enjoyed the variety and combination of cardio and strength exercises and the general supportive atmosphere so stuck with it and saw improvements in my fitness and stamina very quickly. Coaches are experienced but also very approachable and are always on hand to assist with correct form and to help you to push yourself. I upgraded my membership to also include Evo lift about 6 months after joining and continue to see progress each week. Evo has enabled me to get fitter and stronger in a social, structured and fun environment and I’m now achieving results I never thought possible – I honestly can’t recommend Evo enough!