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How to have the perfect body transformation

How to have the perfect body transformation

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Here at Joshua Paul Fitness we are well known for our client transformations, we get many other coaches and new members asking questions on we manage to do this on such a consistent basis. One of our most recent successes is our 2015 male Member of the year Paul ‘Rusty’ Glynn so I’m going to use him as an example of what it takes to have the perfect body transformation. There are a few key principles to follow, some of them may surprise you.

Before you start your transformation you must get these key principles in place and be ready mentally, get these right and it will run smoothly, Rusty came to us in February 2015, he was ready mentally and had/has all these principles in place when he began, his results speak for themselves.

This was Rusty

rusty past

 1.       Consistency is key

This is really important, this isn’t going to happen overnight so doing the right things over a long period of time is going to get you the changes you are looking for, having the perfect diet for a week then going off the rails for a week then restarting a good diet continuously isn’t going to get you anywhere. No quick fix will help as we are looking for a long term solution. Plan how much you intend to train, prepare your meals in advance and even plan in the odd cheat meal. For this to work consistency is key. Rusty gets this perfectly, he trains with us at both Evo Camp and Evo Lift, he is there 3-5 times a week every week (apart from when he went on a well deserved trip to Thailand for 3 weeks).

2.       Your training must be your hobby

This is underrated, can you name me something you have done for many many years that you didn’t enjoy? Unlikely right? For you to stick to it you must enjoy it, you shouldn’t hate going there. Find a way of getting fit that you enjoy and make it part of your regular routine. The reason our services have so many long term members is because we keep the classes fun as well as effective. Training doesn’t have to be unenjoyable to work, Rusty enjoys coming to classes , he doesn’t feel like his social life suffers by training, at our classes we keep them fun  and results focussed, the members make it social, it’s a great place to train.


3.       Treats are allowed

This is a long term project so it’s not realistic to think that you’re going to avoid everything you enjoy forever, whether you enjoy pizza, a few beers or plenty of chocolate, don’t ban it! Just limit it and have your cravings under control, if you are following all of these principles you will have more than earnt it, enjoy it! Rusty posted this photo recently…


I was actually glad to see it, balance is key.

4.       Track your progress

You see yourself everyday and changes will happen gradually, the scales don’t tell you the full story. Take regular photo’s and measurements, this is where you will see the real results.

5.       There isn’t a finish line

This may come as a surprise but I’m sorry but transformations don’t ever fully end,  if you have followed these principles properly you shouldn’t want it to end because you enjoy your training and routine. Would you prefer to stop getting great results and switch to watching TV in the evenings while eating pizza? If so then before you know it you will need to begin your transformation again. Get these principles right and the results will come fast and easy.


Here is Rusty now



Looks awesome right? You think his transformation is over? Nope. I’m sure he’ll be training tonight as he has new goals and there is nowhere he’d rather be.


Pop me over an email if you’d like to start your transformation.