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How to Survive Halloween

How to Survive Halloween

At this time of year, our peaceful streets are overrun with tiny monsters hoping to get their claws on some precious sugar.

Be prepared…

Okay, so you’ve massively overspent on sweets with the justification that your door will obviously be the most popular on the street. You envision yourself chucking bags of mini Haribo into the air as you watch, from safety, the horde of tiny hands fighting over them.

The only problem is that you now have bowls and bowls of the good stuff and every time you pass them you can’t help but take a cheeky handful for yourself (well, at least I can’t!).

Don’t fear (any more than you should on this fateful night), as here are a few tips to get you through and stop you devouring a tonne of sweets!

Stock up on crunchy veg! 

The kids parents will thank you for this as they’ll be running around on vitamins and nutrients instead of E-numbers. Kids love vegetables and with things like carrot batons and celery sticks you’ll be the most popular house on the street.

Boiled Eggs!

After a long night walking door to door they’ll be in serious need of protein to help with recovery and more importantly those monstrous gains! Sure, the eggs might smell after a while but at least they wont make as much of a mess when they’re being thrown back at your house.

Beef Jerky!

Again, more protein; you can never have enough protein! After carrying those bags of treats around all night it’s important they get that recovery.

Kale Smoothies!

Now, I don’t know about you but I haven’t met a child yet that doesn’t like kale smoothies. After a long night of trick or treating they’ll be seriously thirsty and what better to quench their thirst… Not only do kids love them, but the slimy, green puddles they leave in your garden, after consumption, will give your house that authentic Halloween feel.

If you manage to get through the night using these tips, without getting toilet rolls or eggs launched at your house, then you’ll have survived Halloween…

Enjoy the night, don’t freak out and make sure that you eat normally around the event.

It’s a rare occasion and as long as the majority of the sweets go to the trick or treaters then you don’t need to worry about the sugar content of that tiny bag of Haribo you ate whilst watching Corrie.



By Simon Price