Evo Card – What’s included
November 26, 2017
Hannah Teece
January 9, 2019

Jay Doyle

I started Evo Lift just coming up to 6 months ago. I was out of shape, unfit and didn’t feel great. I injured my knee a good few years ago and had it operated on a few times, last being just over a year ago. I piled on the weight and got into a routine of doing no exercise and eating anything I wanted. As soon as I walked through the door into Evo Lift, everyone was really welcoming and the coaches spent time with me correcting my form and taking me through exercises I hadn’t done before. After a few weeks, you become part of the group and actually look forward to seeing the people at training. All the trainers have slightly different styles so no 2 sessions are exactly the same, so it’s nice and varied. You can chat about nutrition, what muscle groups are being used in certain exercises or chat about what people are having for tea. It’s so relaxed but the work always gets done. I found consistency is the key, I stay consistent because the training is top notch and the people are great. Could never go back to a normal gym. One of the best decisions I ever made coming to Evo!