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October 30, 2017
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The secret to weight loss

The secret to losing weight…


Not body fat and not toning; we are going to lose weight. 


Firstly, let’s put a ban on all the good tasting food.


We aren’t going to restrict your intake or limit your exposure to certain foods; we are going to ban them completely.


Which food group?


That’s easy, carbs… all carbs.




Well, this is where I tell you some mumbo-jumbo about resetting your insulin, stopping inflammation and anything else that will get you to stick to it!


Then give you a time frame, let’s say 2 weeks? 


And during this time it’s going to be only meat, veg and fats. 


Nothing with sugars (especially all the tasty foods!).


Now for the magic…


The two weeks is up and guess what?


You’re lighter on the scales – it’s a miracle!

You will have lost some water weight, probably some body fat (from the calorie deficit if there is one) and you’ll now be craving everything that you have restricted yourself from eating!


So, now the two weeks are up, you’re ready to start eating normal again and reintroduce certain foods.


But that goes a little too far and you inevitably eat everything that you’ve been missing out on…


Your weight creeps back up and now you’re scared to eat carbs because you think they’re the catalyst for all things bad with your diet. 


Does this sound like a familiar cycle? 


Don’t worry, we’ve all done it.


Instead of banning food groups and cutting things out completely, try this approach:


Cut down on portion sizes and try having things in moderation.


No pseudo-science or mumbo-jumbo, just a simple yet effective approach.


If your weight loss begins to stagnate then have a look and see if you can increase the amount of activity you’re doing.


Try to avoid banning things from your diet as this will create an unhealthy relationship with certain food groups and you will do nothing but think about the time that you can have them again.


By Simon Price